Monday, December 17, 2012

Floor Length Skirt

Here is our new floor length skirt! All we wanted to do was create a beautiful skirt that could become part of what looked like a very formal dress when paired right.

A close up of the gathering.

A beautiful subtle gold waistband lining.

Under the light.

In the shade.

I'm so excited about this bottom. One way to wear it would be with a black leotard underneath. I like the super fitted look on top with flowing skirts. I will have to put this skirt together with a few tops to show some great ways to wear it. It's not available on yet but we will have it soon.

And of course, this week I will show some great holiday outfits in a style post.
Until then, I'm designer dreaming <3 .="." br="br">

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back to Blogging, Designing and Our Online Shop!

So it might seem as if I have taken a break from everything. This is not true, but I did take a break from blogging. I spent all of the end of summer and the beginning of fall opening an Online Store for my clothing line. Of course I will be posting on that journey. Until then, I will be updating you on the boutique and what's new in and what's going on in there.
 Of course the holidays bring out my gift giving side as we set up easy to navigate awesome holiday gift stations. No one can appreciate a great clutch like a bag-a-holic in your life. Plus, the party girl who loves metallic will enjoy this on New Years.
Of course, I also have friends addicted to scarves. My friend TT is one and in honor of her I designed a few scarves. Of course they are animal print! Did you think I'd ever get over it? 

And for your friends who can not get enough accessories.

And for the black and metal fan. I just love this combo.

Of course for those who's heart lies in spring and summer even in the winter and fall.

For your friend who loves the old style vintage and masquerade. 

My favorite decorations in the shop.

Pearls make me feel pretty. Instead of doing a pearl necklace, I choose to pick a pearl embellished neckline. All the pretty, just a little less accessorizing.

Gold brocade dress. This trend will be hitting hard in spring but why not get ahead of the crowd.

My favorite piece we designed for our Holiday Line '12. Sweeping Toga in cheetah and red.

The Sweeping Toga in winter blue with a hand beaded silver sash.

So the boutique is decked out in our Holiday Line '12. It's such a great feeling to go from just a small boutique carrying just a few of my own designs and many other lines to being almost half my line now! This year has been the biggest jump for this amazing transition. 

Also, the website is up and running. Check out our hard work now in motion. 

And of course stay tuned because I'm back to blogging my life and journey to being a designer. Until next time, I'm designer dreaming <3 p="p">

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sundress Summer Resort Collection

Oh La La Sundress

I really love this new halter we have been working. This was originally designed for my cousin who was watching a very favorite show of mine and wanted a similar dress that she had seen a character wearing.  Deb went right to work making a pattern and here we are with her finished product. 

Of course we will be making these for the Summer Resort line which is set to launch at the end of July with our website. See our coming soon page with links to the official blog and our Facebook. 

I love blogging, probably because I used to keep a very updated journal all through school. It was amazing what I look back on and see what I loved to do and who I loved to love. But, now in the age of no time and no sleep as I work towards my dream as a designer I find I have little time for a diary. Which is why I feel like I love blogging so much. As I struggle through the ins and outs of learning to design for a living and working hard to create a line I see that blogging is a way of helping me express my struggles as well as my triumphs. 

Thanks for listening and thanks for the support. As I go on this journey I realize that not everyone will take it serious, not everyone will believe in me. And not everyone will support me. But for those who do, I want to say thank you. It's amazing to know that people see your dream and believe in you. 

Until next time, I'm designer dreaming. <3

Monday, June 25, 2012

Peek at our New Wrap Dress Summer '12

There is no reason to hide everything...working on the summer line is really amazing and I cannot believe we are keeping so much quite until the website launches. But it is just over a mere month away so I can wait...for most of it. Here a sneak peek at our summer wrap design. 

Love those wrap dresses.

Until next time I can't wait to show you something...I'm designer dreaming. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little Fuel and Inspiration

Breakfast.Light Reading.
Just a snapshot of my day lol.
Until next time, I'm Designer Dreaming.

Spring '12 Tunics

I am really excited to show you the rest of the prints that are available. I really love this pattern and in the right sheer colors its just beautiful and flattering. For a long time I thought tunics didn't have enough shape but with our waist band the hourglass is back!
Lime Tunic

Blue Polka Dot

Snake Skin

White Line

Cheetah Print

These will all be showing at the SUNY Cortland Fashion Show Saturday April 14th. I'm so excited to debut these designs. I think that they really do justice to the whole collection. I'll be posting other pieces this week that we will be showing. Stay tuned for our halter crop top and the full length dresses!

Until then, I'm designer dreaming.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Line Preview

Here is the beginning of the Spring Preview for everyone. We spent the last few month fixing up this great line up of patterns and prints. Of course we cannot show you too much because in just over a week we will be showing the whole line at a fashion show. This year I'm hoping for video to post so you can see but if not then just pictures will have to do. First is our Steamlined Strapless that has Barbie and a few other colors to play with this spring.
Also, our take on the Classic Swing Dress with Sash to really give these pretty dresses a punch.
And of course, the Tunic. I am so excited for the beautiful flowey pieces, they are going to make the best additions to your summer wardrobe. Even though I am saving a lot of pieces for the fashion show, I will be showing you the additional prints in these next week. Plus, some candid photos from out mad race to the finish on the Spring '12 line.

I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED. Plus...we have these beautiful new mannequins to decorate out store window and boutique with. Of course soon we will have our normal photography mannequins in for photos to go on the website. But I just had to use these this time cause they are so simple and rustic to me.

Next in, Full Lighting Kit to take better photos for when our online site launches. This month is huge and I can't wait to share it with you.

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming! <3

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Facebook Fashion Banner

Why did we use this fashion banner for our new Facebook Page? Well let's see...It's totally a students runway show and I really love it. Thats what We are going for this spring. Wait till you see all the new Spring 2012 designs for Rum and Couture!

Keeping you posted on the new line! Check Back soon!

Until then, I'm designer dreaming!