Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leather and Lace

This Outfit: Similar: Lace Tank, Suede Boots, Black Suede Skirt.

It's a leather and lace kinda day. I paired the seventies inspired leather skirt that is from The Limited with a white lace tank from Charlotte Russe. Because neither are still available online the links are to similar pieces. 

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Icecream and Triangles

Icecream and Triangles

H M long top
$12 -

Blue blazer

Studded jeans
$28 -

Kate spade earrings

ALDO bangle jewelry

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Blues

The denim on denim look.

Front Tuck.

I love the light blue top against the dark jeggings.

Paired with my favorite well loved fox mukluks.

Untucked back.

I always appreciate a pocket.

This look Similar: Jeggings. Shirt. Actual: Mukluks
Plus, the collar is button down so I have the odd which way will it go collar because I didn't iron the shirt to go for a softer look. This button down is my favorite of all my button downs because of it's softness. 

What do you think of the denim shirt trend? Does the denim on denim work or is it something you would not try?

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A look into our boutique and showroom!

I wanted to get a good before picture because later this spring we will be remodeling and decorating the shop. I cannot wait to show you the after picture. Of course we have a while. But with my memory I will start the work on the changes before getting good pictures of the store how it is now! I'll be keeping the stone tile and the main shape. But we are going to try and do something with the hanging displays for clothing.

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Spring '13 Preview

Meet sweetPea. OUr fashion model today.

Short Beach Dress.

Braided Linen Belt detail.

Long Beach Dress. Linen and fully lined.

Vintage Tank. Limited Edition.

This print is amazing!

Sneak peak at our spring Linen Layering Vests.

Here is a look at the pieces that are coming in the Spring 2013 line. We spent the last two weeks finishing these amazing pieces. At 7am this morning we were packing them up and bringing them to the boutique. They will be available online with in two week. I cannot wait to share with you all the fun pieces we have been working on in the past few months. 

The spring launch is so exciting for me because it's all the stuff I've been wishing I could wear all winter. Plus, our beautiful model K.A. will be in studio Sunday to finish shooting the Spring photos. Stay tuned for more peaks of the line!

What do you think of our beach pieces?

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Designing our Showroom

This past me and S.G. went to visit a friend of mine who owns a floral boutique. Her style inspires me and so I decided to venture out and make some bold changes to the shop. I don't dabble much in decorating so this was a big deal. These are the pieces that I picked up for the shop for display.

In every thing that I bought I tired to imagine where it would go or what I could put on it. I didn't want to buy something strictly for decoration. I have a wall space for that but no idea what to put there yet. I am pleased with how the displays turned out. 

What do you think? 

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