Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little Fuel and Inspiration

Breakfast.Light Reading.
Just a snapshot of my day lol.
Until next time, I'm Designer Dreaming.

Spring '12 Tunics

I am really excited to show you the rest of the prints that are available. I really love this pattern and in the right sheer colors its just beautiful and flattering. For a long time I thought tunics didn't have enough shape but with our waist band the hourglass is back!
Lime Tunic

Blue Polka Dot

Snake Skin

White Line

Cheetah Print

These will all be showing at the SUNY Cortland Fashion Show Saturday April 14th. I'm so excited to debut these designs. I think that they really do justice to the whole collection. I'll be posting other pieces this week that we will be showing. Stay tuned for our halter crop top and the full length dresses!

Until then, I'm designer dreaming.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Line Preview

Here is the beginning of the Spring Preview for everyone. We spent the last few month fixing up this great line up of patterns and prints. Of course we cannot show you too much because in just over a week we will be showing the whole line at a fashion show. This year I'm hoping for video to post so you can see but if not then just pictures will have to do. First is our Steamlined Strapless that has Barbie and a few other colors to play with this spring.
Also, our take on the Classic Swing Dress with Sash to really give these pretty dresses a punch.
And of course, the Tunic. I am so excited for the beautiful flowey pieces, they are going to make the best additions to your summer wardrobe. Even though I am saving a lot of pieces for the fashion show, I will be showing you the additional prints in these next week. Plus, some candid photos from out mad race to the finish on the Spring '12 line.

I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED. Plus...we have these beautiful new mannequins to decorate out store window and boutique with. Of course soon we will have our normal photography mannequins in for photos to go on the website. But I just had to use these this time cause they are so simple and rustic to me.

Next in, Full Lighting Kit to take better photos for when our online site launches. This month is huge and I can't wait to share it with you.

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming! <3