Monday, November 11, 2013

It's 1:03, Yea Sewing Marathon.

I had to start with that beautiful picture of organization. It's a store. Yes, I know. But, I really wish I could have all my stocked fabric waiting to be made into things looking that neat and artfully stored. I however have about thirty piles of scraps and several project piles with half finished pieces. 

The good news. We are rounding the end of the Holiday Line and it is so close to being done I am almost tasting the finishing threads. The entire design team is hunchback and stiff from cutting, pinning, and sewing for the last few weeks. Their brains are fried from finishing designing, pattern making, and event planning. 

But it is worth it. Friday we will be unveiling our entire Holiday 2014 Line. This is really exciting for us because in the spring we showed just a small portion of our spring 2013 line and it was received very well. This holiday line launch will be much bigger for us. Thanks for your support and patience while we work night and day to get ready. 

I really look up to all the other small, made in America, did it all yourself designers out there making their dreams come true. Because designer dreaming is not easy, but its worth it. Keep up the good work. 

Now, it's 1:03am. I have to wake up at 6am for another long day of sewing. So! Off to sleep. Keep tuned for how the show goes!

Until next time, I'm designer dreaming <3 .="" p="">

Monday, November 4, 2013

How my sewing marathon ended.

I was working ever so diligently for the last few days sewing my little heart out. With a Fashion Event to showcase my Holiday line just a week and a half from now I have been feeling the pressure to work as many hours as my tiny fingers and eyes can handle. I was doing so well. In fact, when my partner in crime has an appointment to go to I was so excited to say I stayed and worked through a potential break opportunity.

However, I am going to put it frankly. I got bit right in the butt by that decision. Literally. I was working along for almost two hours with out any major hiccup. [A miracle in itself.] Then right as I'm feeling the high of making real progress, I shovel my bottom half just a half of a foot over to get a betting angle on cutting out a dress, and I sit on my pin magnet.

I scared both dogs, both cats, probably the bearded dragon two rooms away, and myself with my initial response. Which was a low, almost manly, yell and then louder shrieking when I had to pull pins out of my left butt cheek. Literally they were jammed right into the side of my left hip/butt cheek. I now have two very large punctures in my left side. Each puncture was home to about three pins for what seemed like two hours but was probably just two seconds. [See attached picture for said vampire pins.]

Like the woman, Mikhaela Reid, from I too have days where I feel like a total amateur and totally overloaded. She always write funny quips about her bad days where she feels like sewing won. That was one of those moments. I spend at least twenty to thirty minutes nursing both my bottom side and my dignity. I also put on a second pair of pants. Just for extra protection. Which was smart, because I almost sat on the magnet again being so jumpy trying to cut dresses out after.

And yes, I sew in an outfit almost identical to that one.

Until next time, I'm designer Dreaming!