Sunday, August 22, 2010

TShirt Twist

If you thought a t-shirt was just for writing silly sayings on or putting cool designs on it, you were wrong. This ASOS tee is a classic design with just a small twist.

The bow is not printed on the actual tee. Instead it is a cloth bow that is sewn right on the tee. This cute concept is a great way to dress up jeans with very little effort.

This tee is available at!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snake Print Bikini

I'm kind of excited to mix snake skin print and a mono-bikini. I have to almost makes her look naked but its also really cool looking. Now, I don't usually like this style on me. I prefer it on curvy girls who can fill it out well. Either way, has this bathing suit for only $29.99. Great price for this bikini. I'm not going to be posting any of my Victoria Secret bathing suit finds until July!
Love, Your Designer Dreaming
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Shoe Obsession

Well I have tried to invest in as many shoes with bows that I could find. I really am disappointed to see that my selection was few and far between. I am on a mission to find anything bows that I can. Speaking of which...Here is a picture of some really amazing Dolce and Gabbana shoes with lace and bows. So in light of my new shoe mission, I am going to join a shoe of the month club. One that allows me a gallery of shoes to pick from each month and I pick and they send them to my house. I'm totally in. They better have amazing shoes with bows. If all is well, I'll be recommending them right on here. Keep an eye open. Next month is my first month of shoes. I'll be taking pictures and posting them. In light of that. Keep looking for your dream shoes, I am.

Love, the girl with designer dreams.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Tied Up

The Bow Tie. Super formal meets silly girly. Where the hell are you going to wear a bow tie like this. Well that's not the point. You don't need to buy one with a mission. I simply cannot just pass up a tie this amazing. First. It screams pink. Second. It screams wear me. That's really all there is to this. I think that you have to give a bow tie this good a chance. Jeans. A collared shirt. Pink flip flops. You'll be a sexy Herman before you know it. The little yellow number above it has the same feminine feel with out all the pink. Still just as good. These are Nick Hotchkiss designer bow ties. You can find these on under designer bow ties.

Why so many internet finds? Well because I do not live in a big city, like NYC or LA, and we are not the fashion capitol of my state. I have a small mall and a large-ish mall around me where I go to find fabulous clothing-sometimes. I still love fashion and refuse to let myself go with out due to my lack of resources around me. I have found the internet! So here it is. Everything good, in store, and on the internet. For those with the luck of the big city for fashion, and for those who still love fashion but don't live in the big cities. I'll be bringing you everything I can, to order for yourself, or just admire.

Love, the girl with designer dreams.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bag of the Season

This Brahmin bag is the most beautiful spring bag I have come across in my search. This is the Vittoria Rose Satchel Bag in Turquoise. I would like to rename this bag color "Robin's Egg Blue." I am literally obsessed with this color. Its light and springy. You probably do not already own this wonderful color in much in your wardrobe. If you need a boost of color, this goes great with both brown and black palettes. The leather is amazing and the rosettes are just the right touch of girly and classic. The structure screams sophisticated and proper with the color to put some fun into it. Check out this bag on their website!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New IT Shoes

I'm very excited about the new spring shoes. First the Versace shoe in the peach. And then the Balenciaga shoe in the blue.
These shoes are amazing in the fact that they split up the foot and still only go half way up the leg. I'm totally impressed with the room in the leg and the amount of coverage as well as the peak at the skin. It's just amazing. I think this has to be my pick of shoe of the season!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Ring

Check out what cute and plastic can look like. So I do not like costume jewelry very much, but I do enjoy it sometimes. I really love plastic jewelry just because I can wear it with out any concern about cheap metal burning my fingers. This cute bow is an easy accessory to add due to the fact that it is pretty and plain. The color is neutral and can be matched with anything. I love that its so simple, yet could really girl up any outfit! Have fun. Send me your plastic ring finds if you have any. Want this ring? Find it at

Love, the girl with the designer dreams.

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New Life Design

Here is my blog about style. While I work on designing my clothing line, I still like to work on my own closet and find new inspiration and design ideas. Hope you find inspiration in the style I find too!

Love, the girl with a newly designed life.