Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Blog to Take a Look at!

So I stumbled upon this set of tops when looking through other fashion blogs. I discovered which is a blog that focuses on finding great fashion without spending a ton of money. One great tip this blog offers is to not pass up on out of season items that are on sale. Stash them away for next year because you won't find deals like these in the beginning of the seasons. The blogger does a great job of posting amazing finds that anyone can go and search out at their local mall. Some of the finds come from stores like Forever 21, Old Navy, and JCPenny! Take a look at her fashion shopping advice!

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The Cocktail Ring: Reinvented



Redefining the cocktail ring this season is Phuze Design's Cocktail rings cut from glass. These transparent gems come in several shocking jewel tones and promise to be the talk of the party. If you were ever skeptical about making a spectical of yourself with large gaudy cocktail rings, which it a A+ move in my book, then think about toning the ring down by doing it simple. Cocktail rings don't need to be all bling and shine to be interesting. Instead go for a classic color and new age alternative to the ever popular cocktail ring!

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A little Feathery Flair

For an instant hit and addition to any outfit, feathers are a perfect style add on. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about wearing feathers in my hair for fear of looking like a bird had taken up nesting, but after finding a clip that fit my hair, I was suprised to see that it created a halo like effect on my face! Feathers have a light feel without being overbearing on. These head bands are both by Emitations and are featured on for sale. Pair the large black band with a little black dress and the little green band with jeans and a tee for some added style!

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The New Collar

The Collar is the hot accessory for 2011 and you don't have to choose one, there are a million styles. This Kimber's Pink Rhinestone & Fabric Bib Necklace is available to buy at and features pink rhinestones that will turn any top or dress into it's own showpiece. If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe, a few key pieces like this would help add alittle charm to anything you pair it with. Besides, its the winter, get a little flirty with pink, cause it won't be snowy for too much longer! BONUS: This would rock and Valentine's Day Out fit...tis the season!

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