Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Ring

Check out what cute and plastic can look like. So I do not like costume jewelry very much, but I do enjoy it sometimes. I really love plastic jewelry just because I can wear it with out any concern about cheap metal burning my fingers. This cute bow is an easy accessory to add due to the fact that it is pretty and plain. The color is neutral and can be matched with anything. I love that its so simple, yet could really girl up any outfit! Have fun. Send me your plastic ring finds if you have any. Want this ring? Find it at

Love, the girl with the designer dreams.

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New Life Design

Here is my blog about style. While I work on designing my clothing line, I still like to work on my own closet and find new inspiration and design ideas. Hope you find inspiration in the style I find too!

Love, the girl with a newly designed life.