Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Section!

Here is a preview of the available costumes that we have brought in for the season. Last year we sold out before Oct. 7th and had to reorder! Sooo....this year...get yours early. Starting with...Naughty (I promise to use descriptions other than naughty) Nurse.
Snow White...find your own seven dwarfs.
Sexy Chef 1...and Sexy Chef 2 right below.
You do actually wear this with spankys ...or I guess since this is college you can wear this just like that!
Minnie Mouse Mini
The beginning of the Halloween section! More tutu, wings, and stockings coming!
New Arrival Wall. That's the coupon I posted...so this is what it's good on this week!
Yep...its all there. Now come in and try your costume on before some other halloween fanatic snags it before you do!

Until next time, I'm Designer Dreaming!

New Fall Day to Night Looks

Here is a look at the additional fall pieces we've been promising! This day to night tutorial on how to wear fall pieces is here to show how to wear all these pieces any time!
The Two Tier Skirt is great for any office day or pretend flashing people. And then the light neutral Wrap Skirt makes a pretty addition to any night outfit and can be worn with the same fitted jersey tee pictured here or in a top that's dressier.
Holy High Waisted Shorts! THESE ARE HOT. Camel toes are not. Rock these...not camel toes. Plus for the night look you can slip into another earth tone and rock out in this bamboo inspired Strapless Dress.
Summer Strapless...floral and breathable..enough said. Just kidding, there is never enough said. This is a great sunny day piece. Throw on a fur jacket when it gets cold. Faux fur. Our Wool Strapless is great for work with a over jacket on it, but keep those legs closed! The skirt is mini and even though it's super sexy...your bosses wife may not.
And we had to do holiday colors. Cranberry and Black Strapless. Little black dresses for everyone! Everyone needs one. Or two. Or seven.
I'm very excited about the fall collection and thanks to Liz's great photography you can read it all over my face! Just kidding. She's doing you a favor. My hair wasn't brushed. Plus, later this week you can see our Halloween costumes that are in now!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming.

Hard at Work

Wanna know what we do all day at Rum and Couture? No? O.K. well I won't tell you...but I will force you to look at this picture of it!

Soooo...yea. Hard at work. Liz keeps me going. Ya know...motivation wise. So I guess I'm motivated to go eat.

Until next time, I'm Designer Dreaming!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Need the September Special?

So I know I lose my crap all the time...including verrrrryyyy important flyers that save me money on my oogles of clothing! Let's be easy about this and just offer the coupon on the blog for those who can't find theirs (probably lost it) or didn't get one.

Print this shiz out and we will honor it at the boutique!

Next Post? Oh just a whole section of our new strapless dresses!

Until then, I'm designer Dreaming!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Look: Tops

Well well well...what do we have here? Fall top looks! YAY! I've rounded up a few of the looks we have for tops and put them all together so you can see them!
First we have a great brown and green Old Man Sweater. Ya know...to combat Old Man Winter who is on the way. Second look it our Glitter Top in Silver. Great for parties. If you need to dress it down for work check out How to Wear it: Glitter Top edition on how to make it work for you at any time!
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The third look is our Basic Tank Shirt in a beautiful autumn orange and blue. Lastly, a nod to the winding down of summer...a Swing Top 3.4 length and sweet cranberry color. All of these tops go great under a bulky sweater or button up!

Until Next Time, I'm Designer Dreaming!

Monday, September 12, 2011

High Waist Wool Skirt - How to Wear It!

Here we have Liz in our Fitted Waist Skirt in a sweet green wool! The traditional way to wear it out in the white tank and the skirt pops. But of course...not everyday is a party...o.k. I'm lying it is a party buuttttt...I work. And so do you guys!
Work appropriate with the switch of a top! Here is a classic case of the classic to the work rescue. Our jersey boat neck tee is a simple (and may I add affordable) addition to the skirt. Dresses it up just enough to not look like your gonna break open a bottle at your desk.
For those who do that, it's still a good cover.

Until Next time, I'm designer Dreaming!

Hot Pink Glitter Top - How to wear it!

Here is our first How to Wear it edition blog post. So lets start like this...
Here we have a Rum and Couture Hot Pink Glitter top. Even Plain with jeans its a statement piece.
BUT! Here we have a little bit of layering with our Black Sheer Swing Top.The glitter is a little muted under the sheer black but still visible. In any case it screams I wanna party...with the lights on!
Change it up one more time with another layer. I'm always looking for a way to wear a vest. A short vest balances out the length of swing top. Tones the outfits glitter down to office attire if you will.
REMIX> Here we have the top (minus layers) with just a simple Rose Waist Belt accessory. Very cute and very quick outfit change.
And because you never leave the house without a bag...here to silver clutches. This baby even has a wrist strap for those air headed enough to not always keep a tight grip on their purse...ok it's me and I thank God everyday for purses with straps.
So there is...how to wear it and why not? So many fashion trends seem unwearable and it's my job to show you how we are going to design them to work for you. Don't wanna be the kid not able to rock out any of the new trends just because you didn't know how to wear them.

Still in the works bringing you wool mini strapless dresses for the fall! That means we will also be bringing you how to wear this shizzz! Cause yea, wool strapless doesn't seem like a party piece but that's what you have me for!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Key Fall Pieces!

Here is our panel of How To Wear It pieces!

Here we have our dark green high waist shorts, pink and glitter top, and our green fitted waist wool skirt! Keep tuned for tomorrows post on how to wear these!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming! <3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wool Strapless Dresses

Strapless Sash Fall Collection Dress!

Here we have our first wool strapless of the season. Perfect paired with colorful stockings and a great bag. Stayed tuned for our how to wear it coming up this week. Pairing it with great accessories can really change the look of any dress and we want to spice up your wardrobe with wool!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming!

Fun with Hair Feathers!

Oh la La. We have had a lot of fun with feathers! Liz is rocking two! I'm rocking a new one. And pictures will follow!

And more fun! These babies are getting put to good use at the shop!

Hair feathers are all the fun I can have this week. We are all rocking these at the shop and the lucky people who stopped in today to see our new selections.

Until then, I'm designer Dreaming!

Monday, September 5, 2011


This is our new Fall Collection Strapless Dress!

We couldn't have found a better print than this bamboo! I'm so excited to see it streamlined and in a strapless form! Coming up next is the new design with a sash!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rocking out a Wrap Skirt

Another wrap story success! Liz is rocking out our black and white paisley Wrap Waist Skirt.
She's also rocking those ti**ies. Hah Thank for the pic LIZ!

Now on to the even better news! (Although Liz rocking the skirt is breaking news). I am running a huge Labor Day sale for the first time. This should be good. Cause you know...nothing says I work hard for the fruits of my labor like a little retail therapy! See you then!
Until then, I'm designer Dreaming!

P.S. This coming week I'm going to show you the fall strapless that will make your panties drop. Literally. Cause ya know...noones wearing underwear under those babies!