Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week of Projects!

It's Business...It's Business time. ...Hope someone gets that.
Wondering what we have in store? Me too...JUST KIDDING. I know what's going on with this shizzz. Well most of it. Some of it I'm going to use my poetic license on and get a little weird and experimental.

SOOOO Expect an update with the mass of fun on thursday. And all the previous posts about inspiration...blah blah blah will come into play. I'm very excited to get on road to making dreams come true. Mostly mine of being a designer and yours of being well dressed and amazing looking!

Until then...I'm designer dreaming!!! <3

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coming to our Holiday Collection

Black skirt fit for the coming snow...sorry...I'm just as excited as you. But because I cannot leave mother nature nasty e-mails about the snow then I will just have to put on long sleeves..well in this case long skirts.
This amazing silhouette will be available in black for our Holiday Collection. I cannot wait to rock one.
These skirts will be in during November and I will be posting pictures asap for you to scrutinize and love (i hope)/want.

Until then...I'm designer Dreaming! <3

Monday, October 17, 2011

The New Fitted Skirt

Here we go...So for the love of high waisted skirts, which happen to be my favorite, we are working on a jersey high waist...here is some inspiration and a good look at the coming trend.
All of these are elastic waist which I am still debating on...even though it would resolve all that odd sucking in after dinner on a first date.
I had to throw this cute plaid in just because it's HUGE this fall!
Well this is on the project list...we will be sourcing the fabric soon which means after the great anticipated holiday collection...we will be bringing a little of what you see here!

Until then, I'm designer dreaming! <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall in Love with charcoal and burnt orange this fall! Oh dont Forget Feathers.

Fall in Love with charcoal and burnt orange this fall! Oh dont Forget Feathers.

May rust dress
$179 - generalpants.com.au

€69 - impressionen.de

Lipsy beaded shirt
£38 - lipsy.co.uk

Jimmy Choo high heels
$2,495 - net-a-porter.com

Kate spade tote
$295 - nordstrom.com

Wet Seal owl wallet
$8.50 - wetseal.com

Ranjana Khan stud earrings
$257 - boutique1.com

Here is just a few things I see you might just wanna search out an inspirational equivalent to! Enjoy these finds!

Love, Your Designer Dreaming.

Sweet Nothings...

I found an artist who does cards for the upcoming holidays.
All are hand made and unique.
No two are alike and say ADORABLE things inside.
Plus, tons are blank inside cards so you can say just what you want.
There are so many of these amazing cards and we are featuring them at the shop. Something to say sweet nothings in to accompany all the gifts you'll be giving this season!

Until Next time...I'm designer Dreaming. <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Work Space!

A little Peak into the work space. This sweet window is where we start with a basic pattern for the sizing outline. Then from there we make measurements and modify all sizes to the pattern we are designing! Every thing we wear comes from some basic shape and then is customized into new styles and fashions!
Other patterns we just come up with ourselves. A lot of our skirts are thought of right in the middle of living room while working on other things.
That's a cup of coffee for Deb. I have a cup of Dr. Pepper. We run better on caffeine. Well I run better on good sleep and so does Deb but we don't always get that and then we turn the the magic of caffeine!!!
Our coffee table of wonders. I spilt my caffeine all over the place and let me tell ya this beautiful stone sucker requires each and every block that gets wet to be removed...rip several back dated of Readers Digest.
Wanna see what we were working on? Well you can! TOMORROW>>>It's worth the wait I promise. Cheetah print is always work waiting for...gotta go before I let ya in on any more of the secret.

Until then, I'm designer Dreaming! <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Treat Fridays!

Rum and Couture supports Breast Cancer Awareness which means...cookies!
Liz of Indulge Chocolates made these delicious treats for the shop. All of October she will be bringing you delicious things on Fridays. These are all mini treats...which means no calories. Which is a total lie. But lower calories than that mega brownie at the deli!
It's been my cookie cocktail hour all day!
Liz showing off her cute cookies!
Toast to the new sweet treat friday. Yea it's a selfish of me to want treats every Friday. What makes it not selfish is I'm sharing them. So...come get some before I eat them all.
Hey LIZ>>>Awesome JOB!!!!!

Until next time, I'm designer dreaming! <3

Holiday Collection Inspiration!

While you patiently wait..and by patiently I mean curse our sorry slow moving asses...for the holiday collection here is a peek at how we set the mood for the collections.

Recipe for an inspiration:
Lots of magazines, online research, street style stalking(yes i know i know great right), and watching the damn runway like a bad tv show marathon...with great style.
A pair of scissors (the safety kind) and a glue stick which I stole from a neighboring salon and a poster board.
A little random gluing and nonsense.
Let's focus people! Sheer is in. Shine and Sequin is in. S.S.S is the motto for the season. Guess it would be cooler if it was S.O.S. but then it wouldn't make much sense now would it.
Keep your eye out for our collection coming soon. We have some previews coming as well. Update...the tunic is back for the holiday season and we can see right through it...Literally.

Until then, I'm designer dreaming! <3