Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Back to Designing this Holiday Season

Tis the Holiday Season!!!

Well first let me explain a few things. The last three years, my posting wasn't was consistent. I closed my boutique and moved to the other side of the country. I met the love of my life, got married and started a new career that I always wanted. And of course for almost 2 years, my sewing machine sat in a box collecting dust.

I love sewing, designing and fashion but without the boutique and it not being my career, I let it fall second to everything else. I golfed more, went out more, saw more sights, and partied with friends. But I missed sewing and designing.

Then this past spring I broke out the sewing machine. Went and bought fabric, and started creating. I realized that even if I don't have a shop, boutique or an online fashion store, creating things (especially clothes) is something I love.

So in the last few months I've made some fun projects and I'll be sharing them on here. I even thought about doing a holiday shop and working on sharing everything I make. I will keep you updated on that. But in the mean time, I'll be posting what I made. :)

Love, your designer Rachael

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Thrifting

Thrifting on Summer

Here is a pre summer thrift haul that happened last week! So for some of the activities I am doing this summer, I have needed to get some new gear for. I regularly swim, golf, and now, because I have a friend with some family horses, have the opportunity to visit a horse farm.

The first time I went to the horse farm I ended up ruining my shoes. So I knew I needed some boots. I got these for 6.99 and these are waterproof and really durable! There is no lining, so I'll wear either light socks, or heavy socks depending on the weather. These have never been worn so I felt like this was a really great deal!

 The second shoe I ended up with was this fun black moccasin with actual treads on the bottom so these are safe to wear outside. I'm obsessed with Native American style clothing. These shoes had tassels and small round silver tacks. Very cute. And of course, because I rarely wear sneakers or tennis shoes, will be my version of that like my slip on moccasins are now. These were around 7.99.

Now onto a pair of fun high waisted shorts. I got these because 1. they are red! and I love red and 2. because I love high waisted, fitted, shorts. I'm pretty sure these were 5.99 but also 50% off. They are soft and super comfortable. I'll probably pair this with a cute crop in black.

Now onto the swimsuit. I found this speedo with tags and it was in my size. I have not worn or bought a one piece in any of the past years that I remember. So this was a step out of my comfort zone. But, I liked the way it looked on. This was 7.99 also, and I'm really excited to go out and swim around in it.

I also go a golf skirt that was 5.99 and was 50% off as well! This was such a cute skirt and I don't have many skirts that are not black. I ended up wearing it golfing this past weekend and it was so comfortable. Much cheaper than the last skirt I bought by about 50 dollars. 

This ring was really interesting in shape and texture. I found this for 12.00 but wasn't sure if it was going to be hypoallergenic. I wore it for a few hours and ended up with itchy fingers, so this might be something someone else ends up with. But I really love it, so I might try and clean lacquer the back and see it that helps.

So that was my thrift haul! I got stuff for swimming, horse farming and golf all very cheap. Also got a few neat pieces to just wear around. I'm going to say I don't really need to go thrifting anytime soon because I'll be unpacking an entire storage unit with a lot of clothes in it. That might be an entire post on cleaning out old clothes and how to do that. Because that is always a big undertaking. Plus, this time I'll be downsizing a lot!

Until next time,
I'm designer dreaming!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Blog Re-Launch Coming Soon...

Designer Dreaming is re-launching! 

Yes, you heard me right. (get ready for morning scanning blogs in your underpants - everybody does that right?!) I've been working so hard to come up with new and exciting things for this blog. For the longest time I felt like I could only post a few types of things, but now I feel, for more fun and inspiration, I'll be posting a few different types of things. 

We are going to be a lifestyle blog. 

While fashion was, and is still, such a passion of mine, I also feel like I miss out sharing the other creative things I like. For examples, styling my house, makeup, thrift shopping, and just being crafty on the sewing machine. I'll still be posting fashion inspiration from the runways, which I have always loved. But, for most of us, that fashion is out of reach, or we just can validate spending that kind of money. 

In the past few years, after a few friends turned me onto it, I have really enjoyed thrift shopping and scouring vintage stores. Fashion is not about price, its about having an eye and making your own style. Along with sales and some stuff I make, I will be showing you how I build my wardrobe! Plus, it's very eco friendly and I love donating clothes back!

I'll also be revisiting the Rum and Couture line, for those who have been following me since then. In fact this blog might migrate there at some point! But, I'll also be posting more stuff than just fashion. For instance, my new found love of fun makeup. Something I've never really experimented with. And of course just fun stuff from my home. I'm always looking at throw pillows and how to organize and style everything around me. 

I'm excited to share my life and style blog with you all!

Until next time, 
I'll be designer dreaming.

Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Friday ...I'll Wear Pants and a Tutu if I Want To

Well I couldn't resist. 

On days where I can't figure out what to wear. Sometimes I just feel like this. 

What about you?
Until next time, I'm designer dreaming. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fourth of July Suits

Nautical mesh bikini set
When I think of the Fourth of July, I think pool parties and patriotic swimwear. But going the traditional American Flag print is not necessary to really stand out on this holiday. This Tommy Hilfiger racer back two piece suit mixes festive colors and a sporty look.
For a more minimal bikini as well as print, this Odabash bikini is charming and simple. The blue and white stripes are just enough so you get the flag idea but still cute and perfect for any weekend, holiday or not!
Lauren Ralph Lauren Twist-Front Ruched Bandeau Swimdress Women's Swimsuit
This Lauren Ralph Lauren bathing suit is perfectly patriotic with out any print at all. I love the full coverage, making this the most versatile bathing suit for all occasions. The style is both flattering and flirty. So if you are looking for the prefect 4th weekend bathing suit look for new flirty styles outside of the traditional prints.
Until next time, I'm designer dreaming

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The New Twist on Tea Length

Tea length skirts lend to a time that tea parties were about being classy and social. But, since there seems to be a lack of tea parties in my schedule, I find it hard to pull off high waist tea length skirts unless in a formal setting like a wedding or a shower. However, the tradition tea length skirt has come a long way and with new fabrics and cuts, there are less formal, but just as classy and stylish, options all over.
One great twist on the tea skirt is the gather and draping of this white skirt. The fit of the skirt is more modern, but still modest.
The tea length in tulle gives the skirt a texture that is more playful than straight cotton and makes the skirt more whimsical looking. People just might ask you if you are going to or in swan lake.
My favorite twist on this tea length skirt is the leather, or faux leather, style that adds a structure to the skirt and a pop of color for excitement. Red is bold and the cut is strong.
For a little sass with all the class still, there is the sheer skirt with the under skirt cutting off above the knee. Show a little knee, keep the rest a secret.
And, of course, the really modern and scandalous, don't wear this to your grandma's tea party, take on the traditional tea length skirt. All the cuts and fitting lines of the skirt make this sexy with showing only a little but of skin. Night's out with the girls don't have to get wild, your skirt is wild enough for all of you.
Looking at the options for this summers skirts, the tea length can make an appearance in your wardrobe in many new and exciting ways. And hey, there is always still the classic. Because what the heck, you can throw your own tea party.
Until next time, I'm designer dreaming.

Rock the Length this summer

Summer is here and this is when the weather heats up to epic temps and I break out the skirts. However, I usually save the maxi skirts for spring or fall because the length can make them hot. But, Nikki, the blogger behind shows off our wrap maxi with a sheer over lay. The skirt is cool and breezy even at floor length. Plus, I love nothing more than pairing a great denim button down with just about anything! For more great pairings, and tons of cute shoes, check out her blog!
Until next time, I'm designer dreaming.