Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sundress Summer Resort Collection

Oh La La Sundress

I really love this new halter we have been working. This was originally designed for my cousin who was watching a very favorite show of mine and wanted a similar dress that she had seen a character wearing.  Deb went right to work making a pattern and here we are with her finished product. 

Of course we will be making these for the Summer Resort line which is set to launch at the end of July with our website. See our coming soon page with links to the official blog and our Facebook. 

I love blogging, probably because I used to keep a very updated journal all through school. It was amazing what I look back on and see what I loved to do and who I loved to love. But, now in the age of no time and no sleep as I work towards my dream as a designer I find I have little time for a diary. Which is why I feel like I love blogging so much. As I struggle through the ins and outs of learning to design for a living and working hard to create a line I see that blogging is a way of helping me express my struggles as well as my triumphs. 

Thanks for listening and thanks for the support. As I go on this journey I realize that not everyone will take it serious, not everyone will believe in me. And not everyone will support me. But for those who do, I want to say thank you. It's amazing to know that people see your dream and believe in you. 

Until next time, I'm designer dreaming. <3

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