Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Work Space!

A little Peak into the work space. This sweet window is where we start with a basic pattern for the sizing outline. Then from there we make measurements and modify all sizes to the pattern we are designing! Every thing we wear comes from some basic shape and then is customized into new styles and fashions!
Other patterns we just come up with ourselves. A lot of our skirts are thought of right in the middle of living room while working on other things.
That's a cup of coffee for Deb. I have a cup of Dr. Pepper. We run better on caffeine. Well I run better on good sleep and so does Deb but we don't always get that and then we turn the the magic of caffeine!!!
Our coffee table of wonders. I spilt my caffeine all over the place and let me tell ya this beautiful stone sucker requires each and every block that gets wet to be several back dated of Readers Digest.
Wanna see what we were working on? Well you can! TOMORROW>>>It's worth the wait I promise. Cheetah print is always work waiting for...gotta go before I let ya in on any more of the secret.

Until then, I'm designer Dreaming! <3

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