Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Collection Inspiration!

While you patiently wait..and by patiently I mean curse our sorry slow moving asses...for the holiday collection here is a peek at how we set the mood for the collections.

Recipe for an inspiration:
Lots of magazines, online research, street style stalking(yes i know i know great right), and watching the damn runway like a bad tv show marathon...with great style.
A pair of scissors (the safety kind) and a glue stick which I stole from a neighboring salon and a poster board.
A little random gluing and nonsense.
Let's focus people! Sheer is in. Shine and Sequin is in. S.S.S is the motto for the season. Guess it would be cooler if it was S.O.S. but then it wouldn't make much sense now would it.
Keep your eye out for our collection coming soon. We have some previews coming as well. Update...the tunic is back for the holiday season and we can see right through it...Literally.

Until then, I'm designer dreaming! <3

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