Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Fall Day to Night Looks

Here is a look at the additional fall pieces we've been promising! This day to night tutorial on how to wear fall pieces is here to show how to wear all these pieces any time!
The Two Tier Skirt is great for any office day or pretend flashing people. And then the light neutral Wrap Skirt makes a pretty addition to any night outfit and can be worn with the same fitted jersey tee pictured here or in a top that's dressier.
Holy High Waisted Shorts! THESE ARE HOT. Camel toes are not. Rock these...not camel toes. Plus for the night look you can slip into another earth tone and rock out in this bamboo inspired Strapless Dress.
Summer Strapless...floral and breathable..enough said. Just kidding, there is never enough said. This is a great sunny day piece. Throw on a fur jacket when it gets cold. Faux fur. Our Wool Strapless is great for work with a over jacket on it, but keep those legs closed! The skirt is mini and even though it's super sexy...your bosses wife may not.
And we had to do holiday colors. Cranberry and Black Strapless. Little black dresses for everyone! Everyone needs one. Or two. Or seven.
I'm very excited about the fall collection and thanks to Liz's great photography you can read it all over my face! Just kidding. She's doing you a favor. My hair wasn't brushed. Plus, later this week you can see our Halloween costumes that are in now!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming.

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