Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Pink Glitter Top - How to wear it!

Here is our first How to Wear it edition blog post. So lets start like this...
Here we have a Rum and Couture Hot Pink Glitter top. Even Plain with jeans its a statement piece.
BUT! Here we have a little bit of layering with our Black Sheer Swing Top.The glitter is a little muted under the sheer black but still visible. In any case it screams I wanna party...with the lights on!
Change it up one more time with another layer. I'm always looking for a way to wear a vest. A short vest balances out the length of swing top. Tones the outfits glitter down to office attire if you will.
REMIX> Here we have the top (minus layers) with just a simple Rose Waist Belt accessory. Very cute and very quick outfit change.
And because you never leave the house without a to silver clutches. This baby even has a wrist strap for those air headed enough to not always keep a tight grip on their purse...ok it's me and I thank God everyday for purses with straps.
So there to wear it and why not? So many fashion trends seem unwearable and it's my job to show you how we are going to design them to work for you. Don't wanna be the kid not able to rock out any of the new trends just because you didn't know how to wear them.

Still in the works bringing you wool mini strapless dresses for the fall! That means we will also be bringing you how to wear this shizzz! Cause yea, wool strapless doesn't seem like a party piece but that's what you have me for!

Until then, I'm Designer Dreaming!

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