Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Back Hourglass.

Helloooooo Hourglass figure. I've missed you so much in my wardrobe.
Hello big bow on the butt...also a deeply missed piece.
I would like to say that anyone...and I mean anyone can rock this if done right.
My motto for these is going to be "embrace your waist."
Come on...it's even cute in non-wrap form. That is...sized to your exact waist. We are that good...we can do it!
I would to present to you all the waist skirts you can slip you little butt cheeks and tiny waist into. And even if you do not think you have a tiny waist...bring me your heels and a tight tank top and I will give you a high waisted skirt ...and magic... legs for miles and an hourglass figure. Your Welcome.

Until next time...I'm designer dreaming. <3

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