Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Thrifting

Thrifting on Summer

Here is a pre summer thrift haul that happened last week! So for some of the activities I am doing this summer, I have needed to get some new gear for. I regularly swim, golf, and now, because I have a friend with some family horses, have the opportunity to visit a horse farm.

The first time I went to the horse farm I ended up ruining my shoes. So I knew I needed some boots. I got these for 6.99 and these are waterproof and really durable! There is no lining, so I'll wear either light socks, or heavy socks depending on the weather. These have never been worn so I felt like this was a really great deal!

 The second shoe I ended up with was this fun black moccasin with actual treads on the bottom so these are safe to wear outside. I'm obsessed with Native American style clothing. These shoes had tassels and small round silver tacks. Very cute. And of course, because I rarely wear sneakers or tennis shoes, will be my version of that like my slip on moccasins are now. These were around 7.99.

Now onto a pair of fun high waisted shorts. I got these because 1. they are red! and I love red and 2. because I love high waisted, fitted, shorts. I'm pretty sure these were 5.99 but also 50% off. They are soft and super comfortable. I'll probably pair this with a cute crop in black.

Now onto the swimsuit. I found this speedo with tags and it was in my size. I have not worn or bought a one piece in any of the past years that I remember. So this was a step out of my comfort zone. But, I liked the way it looked on. This was 7.99 also, and I'm really excited to go out and swim around in it.

I also go a golf skirt that was 5.99 and was 50% off as well! This was such a cute skirt and I don't have many skirts that are not black. I ended up wearing it golfing this past weekend and it was so comfortable. Much cheaper than the last skirt I bought by about 50 dollars. 

This ring was really interesting in shape and texture. I found this for 12.00 but wasn't sure if it was going to be hypoallergenic. I wore it for a few hours and ended up with itchy fingers, so this might be something someone else ends up with. But I really love it, so I might try and clean lacquer the back and see it that helps.

So that was my thrift haul! I got stuff for swimming, horse farming and golf all very cheap. Also got a few neat pieces to just wear around. I'm going to say I don't really need to go thrifting anytime soon because I'll be unpacking an entire storage unit with a lot of clothes in it. That might be an entire post on cleaning out old clothes and how to do that. Because that is always a big undertaking. Plus, this time I'll be downsizing a lot!

Until next time,
I'm designer dreaming!

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