Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow up and Exciting News!

Here are some pictures of the event that I was sewing like a manic for. I found that all the holidays prevented me from doing the blog work I needed. Then when the holidays were over we began a big project that I didn't want to tell ya about until I knew that we were going to be 100% in on it. it is. Rum and Couture, my designer line, will be 100% online now. We decided to close the boutique and find studio space and work on growing our online business! I really am excited about the big move. When we first started the brand it was out of my college dorm room. Then I moved into a space inside a salon to show my clothes. I then opened a full boutique on my own when finishing my schooling.

Now to the big world of ONLINE! I am so excited that we will be focusing on reaching a bigger audience than just the surrounding area of my shop. The biggest change will be that I won't be interacting with customers face to face anymore. All of my customer service will be online or on the phone.  I will miss that. But, dressing a bigger audience will be great! I feel like reaching out to more people will be very rewarding. I can't wait to share our designs with the world!

Next week we sign the lease! So March 1st we will be in a new stuido. I will be posting pictures of that for sure as we move it! Also, my intern will be working on marketing this semester and you'll be seeing some of her work on here!

Until next time, I'm designer dreaming

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