Monday, November 4, 2013

How my sewing marathon ended.

I was working ever so diligently for the last few days sewing my little heart out. With a Fashion Event to showcase my Holiday line just a week and a half from now I have been feeling the pressure to work as many hours as my tiny fingers and eyes can handle. I was doing so well. In fact, when my partner in crime has an appointment to go to I was so excited to say I stayed and worked through a potential break opportunity.

However, I am going to put it frankly. I got bit right in the butt by that decision. Literally. I was working along for almost two hours with out any major hiccup. [A miracle in itself.] Then right as I'm feeling the high of making real progress, I shovel my bottom half just a half of a foot over to get a betting angle on cutting out a dress, and I sit on my pin magnet.

I scared both dogs, both cats, probably the bearded dragon two rooms away, and myself with my initial response. Which was a low, almost manly, yell and then louder shrieking when I had to pull pins out of my left butt cheek. Literally they were jammed right into the side of my left hip/butt cheek. I now have two very large punctures in my left side. Each puncture was home to about three pins for what seemed like two hours but was probably just two seconds. [See attached picture for said vampire pins.]

Like the woman, Mikhaela Reid, from I too have days where I feel like a total amateur and totally overloaded. She always write funny quips about her bad days where she feels like sewing won. That was one of those moments. I spend at least twenty to thirty minutes nursing both my bottom side and my dignity. I also put on a second pair of pants. Just for extra protection. Which was smart, because I almost sat on the magnet again being so jumpy trying to cut dresses out after.

And yes, I sew in an outfit almost identical to that one.

Until next time, I'm designer Dreaming!

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