Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Photography, a lesson in inspiration

I bought my first camera, half gifted to me, for the very reason of taking my own pictures for my website and look book. I realized quickly that I needed a studio and a load of other things that I did not have. So I hired a professional photographer with a studio to shoot our website. But, I also take a lot of the non-studio photos myself.
I felt as if the investment was paying off. I could do my own photography day to day if needed when the moment struck me and I wanted to show off what I was doing. It made blogging easier. It made getting new product previewed quicker. But then one day I was shooting photos of a new skirt with a friend of mine and looked down at my feet to spot something sprouting. I quickly bent over to see the pod like bud breaking through the new spring ground.
My model waiting patiently as I continued to photograph several other oddly shaped plants. And then I got back to the photo session.
It wasn’t until I was home pulling the photos of my computer that I realized I didn’t have anything to do with the photos of plants. I’m not a nature photographer. They really didn’t have a place to go. So, I left them on my desktop.
I stared at the bud in one of the pictures for weeks. It was so beautiful that I didn’t want to delete the photo, but still didn’t know what to do with it. Finally it came to me. The shape reminded me of a skirt blooming upside down from the fresh ground. So what did I do with it? I sketched it. I sketched it twice. Now there is a slew of sketches and a prototype of this skirt in our studio.
A few weeks after the first sketch I was exiting my house in the evening and realized I was in love with the blooming tree in my yard. So I ran in and took some pictures. Honestly, I took tons of pictures. So many that my neighbor asked me what I was photographing our tree for. I told her in home art work to hang up. Which, even though would have been a good idea, was not my initial intention. Like the first set of photos, I did not have a clue what to do with the photos I was taking. They weren’t going on my website or my blog. They were just going to sit on my desktop again.
This time I found the use for these in a few days. I was in the studio with a dress I wanted to make and couldn’t decide on the fabric. As I was scanning online I glimpsed at the photo again and immediately went to our fabric bolts. I knew I wanted to make the dress in the same colors as the photo I had taken.
And currently, that dress in charcoal and rose, is selling on our website. The question should not have been what should I do with these photos, but why the heck didn’t I think about it before. I find most of my inspiration from nature. Sometimes when inspired I am able to write it down. Other times I try to remember it until I write it down but never do. The camera is not just a convenience. It’s a tool for capturing my inspiration when it hits.
Yes, I still use it to mostly take pictures of my clothes for the business. But now you’ll find me every few days, pulled over on a back country road, stomping through the brush taking pictures of what inspires me. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy my camera. 

If you enjoy these photos and want to use them please provide proper credit to Rum and Couture with links. Thank you.

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