Monday, August 26, 2013

The real “Fit” fit models: The process and the selection of fit over skinny

As I design for my collections, part of the process is learning how my clothes are going to fit each size of model. Our fit models are used to represent a size that will be wearing our line. The process of hiring fit models is fun and allows me to see some of my clothing on real live models as we make them.
Choosing fit models was a new process for me. Going through the dozens of girls that could potentially be fit models was not only fun, it was challenging. This process was not about the look of the face as much as it was how the clothes were going to fit them.
The fit model I chose for my spring line was a size zero who works out and was toning to build muscle. Not your average “skinny” girl. She even said she felt like she might have too muscular legs for the modeling job. 
While not representative of the whole industry, some of the girls that I interviewed told me that they ate very little and exercised very little to stay thin with out looking muscular. But, something occurred to me while doing this. Why is having a model who has visible muscle a bad thing.
While fitting the model we picked, I realized that I liked the look of our clothing on a model that was thin but clearly fit. In a way it seemed to show a healthier side to being a model than just being as thin as possible at all costs.
Our model works out and eats healthy. That’s something I am proud to advertise. I don’t want to encourage girls to become stick thin from not eating and just wasting away. If someone wants to look like a model and work out and eat right to get there then that is a good idea. Because at whatever size you are, size 0 to plus and beyond, if you are eating right and working out in a healthy way then you already look like a model for your size. 

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