Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping in Oakland

When in Oakland.

Whenever I'm visiting in Oakland I have super packed days and sometimes just get to look into shop windows without stopping to shop. Today I'm going to check out this amazing boutique in downtown Oakland where I got to look inside and check out the neat things they had.

As a designer I love to see what other boutiques in different areas are selling and what works in different areas. Of course I love to spot new designers as well. Or just new to me and interesting designers I discover.  Just Look at those Awesome Socks.
This store has such a super vibe. I am beyond excited to shop. PLUS! I found the greatest sweatshirt there when I peeked in the other day. I am going back for that bad boy today. I don't really own anything like it and I'll be excited to do a style post on it. It's certainly something that is casual but knowing how much I love it I will be wearing it everyday and trying new things with it. I also hope to score some awesome finds at the local thrift shops and vintage stores.

These photographs are off of the site and there is also a great video of the owner talking about the inspiration of the shop and what she hopes to bring to the community. Take a minute to check it out, it's truly awesome. 

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Until next time, I'm designer Dreaming!

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