Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elastic Waist Skirts the first round!

The beginning of the new elastic waist skirt.

Start the skirt by attaching it the waist band. So excited because this material is super soft and slinky. Veeerrrryyyy comfortable.

One of the skirts before hemming. Yea, its a nuns length right now.

And here is the finished product in store.

This skirt sits at the waist line but because it is elastic you can pull in down or up depending on the way you want to wear.
I sourced a deep blue and a cream color one! I'm so excited to get working on that color scheme and get it in for the holiday! Pairing a cream skirt with a red top will make you look amazing at whatever events you will be attending...but of course that is for a upcoming how to wear it. Until then....

I'm designer dreaming! <3

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