Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are You Designing Your Dream?

Well here it is. While I'm bringing you the latest fashions, I will also be bringing you a little insight into the making of my dream, which is of course my own fashion line and store that I now have. But the thing is, there are lots of you out there with dreams, and not just fashion dreams, but other dreams. And how did I start? Lots of dreaming, planning (todo lists and financial planning), research, asking, and of course listening. Amazing people have helped me and given me great advice ( like my current accountant Jim!) and I will be passing them a shout out as well as their advice to you.

But why? Why spill the beans on my little endeavor? Because, I needed the help and found people reluctant to give me advice as well as others willing to share their secrets. I believe in dreams and small business and big business for those who can make it there. But most importantly I believe in my friends. Inspiration one: Deanne who wants to write and publish her own books as well as others but more in the forefront of her list is opening her own coffee (European Style) shop and wine bar. And Inspiration two: Erica who wants to own her own wedding planning and event business. So here's to our journey no matter what stages we are all in. I hope to help them out and watch them grow as well as help anyone who sits to read this blog and take what I have learned and use it for themselves.

Cheers, from your Rum & Couture designer

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